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The Personality of Machines

You may not believe as I do that machines have souls but if you've had much contact with machines you'll probably agree they have personalities. The 1st experience with a machine I can remember was with the lawnmower. I'm like, 12, and expected to mow the yard. It was something I didn't really have a problem with except the lawnmower wouldn't start for me unless the old man was standing there. He didn't even have to pull the cord. I would try and try and then go tell him I couldn't start the motor. My father would walk over and the damn thing would start. That's personality.

Take Me to the Room Where the Red's All Red custom gas tank Bad Motor Scooter

Tha above 3 images come from my collection of Daytona Beach Bike Week pictures. I started shooting Bike Week when I was in photo school and while most of the photo students were shooting the people characters and the incredible amount of breasts the girls of Bike Week would show I gravitated towards the customized works of art that started as Harley Davidson motorcycles. Some of the best colours I have found in the man made world are painted on race cars and Harley Davidsons.

You Can Jump Into the Fire But You'll Never Be Free My Old '59 Talking Big, Driving the Fast Car

The bottom 3 images all come from the Rolex 24 Hour race at Daytona Beach International Speedway. Like the Harleys, race cars just got it for me. My pulse quickens when I see the reds. My eyes narrow when I see the cockpits. My finger twitches when I look at the shifter. These 3 photographs are from the legends of the 24, older race cars in the infield that you can get close to and photograph in my case.