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Still Life

Still Life is the control freak's dreamland. In still life I control the Light, which is the god of everything and I also control the subject, the colour, the composition. I control everything. I am a general on the battlefield. I like it. Six images here represent 2 series, old series, but I promised them they'd get on the internet before their day was done. I'm sure you are surprised to hear that the top 3 come from a "Blue" period for me and oh, isn't that true, but I respond well to blue for the most part and Cobalt Blue is stronger than I am. So blue is the primary consideration here. The film used is a dupe film which is balanced for a different light than daylight so when you expose it to mother sun it gives a blue cast back. The blue bottles are water bottles from California that I liked so much on a visit that I drank and suitcased home. The big blue head has traveled with me since the early 1990's and stared, glassy eyed, at visitors to my Glenwood Avenue studio for 12 years. It now sits in my kitchen wearing welder's goggles and a Virginia Baseball cap. Each one of these images goes in a different direction for me. Each direction is a serious one.

She's Playing With the Danger Boys Mary, Have You Seen Better Days? All the Boys Think She's a Spy

I must be a criminal. They say criminals always return to the scene of the crime and I love to return to photographs I have already taken and start again. These bottom 3 images are from using prints from work done before and combining them with a new perspective, a fresh angle. You see one dimension, then you lay down something else on the print and whoa! There's another dimension! I Love stuff like that. I love the momentary lapse of reason and I don't mind inflicting it on other people. The far left image is a representation of dream state where all my new work comes from. It's an oasis that I am so happy to journey to and my time there seems to start around midnight. The 2nd image is Herbie Mann playing flute on an absolutely magical July 4th night by the Halifax River in Ormond Beach, Florida. It was a hot night and I was sweating as I shot but the man can play. He left it all out there. He gave like I want to give. The last image is a dark place for me. It emerges sometimes from the shadows. It shows itself. It is powerful. It is ominous. It cannot be beaten but it must be dealt with. It will turn to other pieces where I will turn to face it, where I will go after the beast again. I will meet it on the bridge and we will do battle. A battle I cannot afford to lose.

Midnight at the Oasis Herbie's Glass Ominous Excerpts From the Overdrive