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   This website is about the art but to fully know the art you're going to need to know about the artist. I was born in Raleigh, North Carolina to two wonderful parents and I have a great brother. My life growing up was fairly normal if you don't count those 11 alien abductions but after a horrific one man car wreck in my thirties some interesting things began to happen. After a period of months I quit my job as a store manager in Raleigh and moved to Key West. A season there waiting tables and then it was on to Photography School in Daytona Beach where I got all the academic awards my parents wished I had gotten at East Carolina University. I lived. I ate. I breathed and I slept with that mistress called photography. For 3 years, summers included, it was shooting, class, or the darkroom. A garage at my house was converted to a studio where I commenced to do the mad scientist dance. On the advice of one of my instructors and 7 angels I tried everything I could think of using the camera. I learned some ways to make abstracts on film, inside the camera. There were some weird scenes, strange moments. Big Blue Laughing Monkeys flew from my butt....... and now I realize what it was. I was being called.

What I was doing was a calling. These images I produce need to be born. In that, whether it seems like much to you, I am the chosen one. I also realized something else ten years after the event. I had died in the car wreck. It was what they call the classic NDE or Near Death Experience but there's nothing near about it. I died.......and I went there and I was met by the ones who guide me still and they loved me and loved me and loved me and they gave me some gifts that allow me, among other things, to make these beautiful jewels of abstracts. At the end of the "experience", my Spirits, as I call them told me three things I will share here. They said, "We are not ready for you. There is something you must do. You must go back". There was no choice in the matter. But here I am and these are my visual songs...............................

Hunter Hilton Tapscott


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Selected Exhibitions ^ Juried Shows ^Galleries

2007 -2010

One Man Shows – The Vintage Shoppe, Los Angeles, CA

Jordan Hall Arts Center and Cary Senior Center, Cary, NC

J.W. Photo Labs, Raleigh, NC

Artsplosure, Raleigh, NC

Juried Shows – Fine Art League of Cary’s 14th and 15th Annual art Exhibition

Cary Photographic Artists Annual Exhibition

Metro Triangle Exhibition – Point of View Gallery, Raleigh, NC

The Spirit of Cary Art Show, Cary, NC and Markham, Canada


Gasparilla Festival of the Arts – Tampa, Florida

The Triangle’s Best Art – Museum of Contemporary Art of North Carolina

and Lee Hansley Gallery

National Art Festival – Naples, Florida

Harvard Alumni House Photo Exhibition

Fayetteville Museum of Art Competition for North Carolina Artists

Nicole Kennedy Gallery, Raleigh, NCContemporary Art Museum, Raleigh, NC

University of Florida Fine Art Auction - Bickett Gallery, Raleigh, NC

Deland Museum of Art, Deland, FL. – City Gallery of Contemporary Art, Raleigh

Traveling Photography Show, Visual Art Exchange, Raleigh, NC

Duke University Museum of Art, Durham, NCYellow Show, Lump Gallery

Great Southern Gallery, Key West, FloridaBaker Street Gallery, Mount Dora, FL.


Selected Awards, Honors, Collections

Best in Show – Cary Photographic Artists Photographic Exhibition

Emily Hewlett LaBorde Artistic Achievement Award

Profiled in Sunshine Artist Magazine

S.A.S. Institute Art Collection, Cary, NC

2008, 2009 Book Covers – Sertoma Writer’s Anthology

Southeast Center for Photographic Studies Permanent Collection, Daytona Beach, FL.

Dunn, Abraham and Swain Law Firm Collection, Daytona Beach, FL

Who’s Who in American Colleges


Community Involvement

Picture This – A Benefit for Child Abuse North Carolina

Raleigh Little Theater Silent Auction

A Vintage Affair to benefit Children’s Flight of Hope, Raleigh, NC

Second Chance Pet Adoptions Fundraiser, Cary, NC

Looking Glass, a Fundraiser for Hospice of Wake County